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Are you a young, aspiring musician and want to play on Just Jazz 2023? Then we are looking for you! Our goal this year is to offer young jazz musicians a stage and thus present jazz music to the new generations of music makers/music lovers. That's why you can sign up for the band contest. Here you will play with other bands to compete for a spot on Just Jazz.

You can sign up with an existing band, or on your own. We can then match you with other possible band members, so you might even start a new band!


About Just Jazz

Just Jazz is the annual jazz festival of D.S.J.V. Groover. Just Jazz is a place where visitors can get to know the wondrous world of jazz music, where new, upcoming musicians get a chance to show themselves to the world and where big established names from the Dutch jazz scene make their audiences have an unforgettable time. At Just Jazz we value openness to new experiences, explosive performances and the connection between the audience and the artist.

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