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Map @ KabelDistrict Delft


Good to know

Here's everything you need to know to prepare for your Just Jazz

House Rules

In order to ensure that everyone has a pleasant time during the festival, the following house rules apply. 

  • Entering the festival grounds is done at your own risk and means that you accept these house rules. Visitation is carried out by our security staff and is mandatory. In case of refusal, access to the site will be denied. Video and audio recordings are made throughout the day. By entering the site you agree that these recordings may be made public in any way. This also applies to (press) photographers and other partners of Just Jazz and D.S.J.V. Groover.

  • Be gallant, patient and help fellow visitors. Bring your good mood and keep the atmosphere relaxed and cozy. We all want a clean festival, deposit waste in the appropriate bins.

  • Think of sunscreen, raincoat / poncho and debit card. The noise levels on the site can be higher than 85 dB(A), you might want to bring hearing protection. It is not allowed to bring your own food, drinks or soundsystems. Drugs are not allowed on the terrain.

  • Always follow the instructions given by organisation and security staff

  • We don't serve alcoholic beverages to underaged visitors

  • Just Jazz and D.S.J.V. Groover do not accept any liability for loss, damage and/or theft of or to your goods. Your stay on the festival site is entirely at your own risk. Just Jazz and D.S.J.V. Groover also accept no liability for damage or injury to yourself or your fellow visitors.

If you decide not to comply with the rules, we are forced to refuse you access or confiscate items. Dutch law applies on the Just Jazz site.


Just Jazz 2023 will take place at the Kabeldistrict on May 12.

Schieweg 15F, 2627 AN Delft

20190529 Just Jazz 2805 - kopie.jpg


  • Where can I park my car?
    Right below the kabeldistrict, at SUEZ, there is an option to leave your car.
  • Who can I ask a question to?
    You can send an email to, or ask one of the crew at the festival.
  • What will I do with my bag?
    If possible, leave your bag at home. If this is not possible, they are allowed on the terrain and you can also leave them at the wardrobe for 1 coin.
  • Can I come back inside the terrain after leaving?
    No, unfortunately not.
  • The music is too loud!
    Make sure to bring your own hearing protection! In case you forget, you can buy earplugs at the bar while supplies last.
  • Is the festival accessible for everybody?
    Yes, the festival is for all ages and adapted for people with impaired movement.
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